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Welcome to the online home of KMIH 889 The Bridge. KMIH is a 24/7 FCC Licensed radio station programmed and operated by the students and staff of Mercer Island High. Our studios are located at the top of Mercer Island Washington just across the floating bridge from Seattle.

We call ourselves The Bridge because we envision using our station to link to the Mercer Island community, to support the local music community and to span generations with quality music and compelling conversation that all ages can enjoy.

The Bridge is a platform where young Broadcasters learn the craft and if you spend a little time listening you will find that many of our personalities are VERY entertaining.

And frankly, with only a 30 Watt transmitter, The Bridge is really the place where you can hear our signal best. And of course online worldwide here on the web and also on our free KMIH phone app.

We hope you enjoy your time on The Bridge and please give us feedback. The Bridge is new and still being built. Yes, we are driving on it now but there is still lots to be done and your input is appreciated!

Cheers, Joe Bryant