joelJoe Bryant –  General Manager Joe is the Broadcast Media Instructor at Mercer Island High the General Manager of KMIH- 889 The Bridge. Joe worked at KISW, KZOK and KJR  co-hosting the popular Bob Rivers Show, which aired in Seattle for 25 years.

Jon Kasprick – Chief Engineer Building the Bridge is an ongoing project and the person in charge of planning improvements and keeping us on the air is Jon. He is also the Chief Engineer at KGRG and an Instructor at Green River College.

Warren Van Patten – Resident DJ Warren, aka DJ D’Lemma is the Bridge Mixes Programmer and a Mercer Island High School grad. To be considered for a Mix DJ slot on The Bridge he is the guy to talk to!

Student Staff

IMG_1747Emily – Program Director Emily is the host of the top rated Everybody Loves Emily Show, Wednesday at 6 PM. Her show is pack full of exciting games and pop culture topics. The Bridge’s music spans generations and Emily is the voice of NOW!


“Little” Emily Operations Manager Emily is a sophomore and Operations Manager of 88.9 the bridge. She loves to read, listen to music, go running, and hang out with friends! You’ll hear her often on the lunchroom or on air with friends!

Zoe – Director of Digital Content Zoe is the person responsible for bringing The Bridge to life on the web and on your phone! When she is not writing code you will find her playing flute in the Seattle Youth Symphony.

Max –  Max has been a part of the station for three years now and won the national radio award for the best sports interview in 2017. He has interviewed Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith and other professional players in the past. Currently, Max is the station’s Sport Director and his show is the Mariners Max Show on Fridays from 4 to 6 pm.

Luka – Luka is the News Director at KMIH, his job is to keep you up to date on all of today’s events. In his free time, he plays tennis and hangs out with his friends.

Ryan – Ryan is a junior at Mercer Island High School, this is his second year in radio. He appears on the Mariner Max show but occasionally on other shows as well. In his free time he plays basketball, watches baseball, and enjoys listening to the radio.

Maya – Maya is a sophomore at Mercer Island High school. She currently works behind the scenes at the station, but if you’re lucky sometimes you can catch her on air. She is the promotions director, and is always helping around where needed. She loves her role at the station, enjoys talking, and getting assignments done. 

Dan – Dan is a junior at Mercer Island High School and is the voice behind the Dan in the Morning show. He loves listening to music on the radio and different artists and albums.

Natalie – Natalie is the Associate Head News director at KMIH. You can hear her show On the Road with Alli and Natalie, Fridays from 6 to 8.

Alli – Alli is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and enjoys playing sports in her free time with her friends. You can hear her on Fridays from 6 to 8 on her show “On the Road with Alli and Natalie”.

Will – Will is a junior at Mercer Island High School. He plays varsity boys football and varsity boys baseball at the high school. he is also in the Sand Trap with Carson on Thursday nights and they are the only people that can make golf interesting on the radio! He would also like to remind you to tune into the Friday night football broadcasts for the Mercer Island Islanders.

oliviawOlivia – Olivia is a 10th grader at Mercer Island High School. She can be heard from 8 to 10 pm every Monday on the Olivia Show. She loves writing, music and history and AHS. Though they look nothing alike, she is commonly confused with her twin sister, Audrey Wen, who does not do radio.


camCam – Cam is a freshman in the intro to Radio Broadcasting class at Mercer Island High School. He really enjoys working behind the scenes in radio and is possibly interested in a radio career. Cam loves to Ski, spend time in the mountains, and play video games. His favorite seasons are Winter and Fall because of the cold and snowy weather. Cam has lived on Mercer Island for 11 years and he hopes to stay in the northwest for the rest of his life.

sophiaSophie – Sophia is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and this is her first year on 889 The Bridge. Sophia also plays tennis for the high school and can’t wait to talk on the radio more! Make sure to tune into her show on Mondays at 10 with Tala and Bailey.



ianIan – Ian is a freshman at Mercer Island High School who enjoys soccer and hip-hop. He plays for the high school soccer team and enjoys radio class a lot.

oliviatOlivia – Olivia is a freshman at Mercer Island High School. She loves music, and plays piano and guitar. You can hear her on Mondays from 8 to 10 pm on the Olivia Show.

meghanaMeghana – Meghana is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and the host of a new show, “Life is Good” that airs from 7 to 8 on Wednesdays. On the show, Meghana entertains but deals with issues that effect our lives today. When not on air, Meghana can be found playing jazz, reading good fiction novels, and watching Marvel movies.

joeJoe – Joe is a 9th grader at Mercer Island High School. He loves playing sports, watching TV, and reading comic books. His main sport is without a doubt basketball, he plays shooting guard and he has helped his team go on to play in the state basketball tournament twice.  His favorite TV shows to watch are Daredevil, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty. In radio broadcasting, he is doing a show with two of his friends, Simon and David. The show is about fantasy football.  He also has a show on the horizon about music that he’s doing with Ian.


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