Joe Bryant –  General Manager Joe is the Broadcast Media Instructor at Mercer Island High the General Manager of KMIH- 889 The Bridge. Joe worked at KISW, KZOK, and KJR  co-hosting the popular Bob Rivers Show, which aired in Seattle for 25 years.

Jon Kasprick – Chief Engineer Building the Bridge is an ongoing project and the person in charge of planning improvements and keeping us on the air is Jon. He is also the Chief Engineer at KGRG and an Instructor at Green River College.

Lila Shroff – Student General Manager has always been a passionate storyteller but only recently has become involved in radio and broadcast journalism. In Summer 2018, she participated in KUOW’s Radioactive Summer Internship program, where she spent all summer creating podcasts and other radio stories. This past summer, Lila worked as an intern both at Northwest News Network and She has since continued her radio here journey here at KMIH, as the Student General Manager. She is so thankful and so excited to be a part of this program. Catch her show, Real-Time Live! (with Meghana Kakubal), on Thursday mornings at 8 am, where she will be discussing her thoughts on breaking news stories!

Meghana Kakubal – Program Director is 17 years old and a senior this year, as well as the Program Director for KMIH. You can catch her and Lila Shroff on the air on Thursday mornings for “Real-Time Live”, where they will be breaking down the latest headlines! Outside of her time in the studio, Meghana is a drum major for the MIHS band, an officer for the debate club, a student representative on the MISD School Board, a creator for KUOW, and a passionate bookworm. She’s excited for a spectacular year for KMIH Broadcasting!

Alli Shoop – Program Director is a senior at Mercer Island High School and the co-host of a show with Natalie Wilson, “On the road” that airs from 4 to 6 on Monday nights. During the show, Alli and Natalie discuss current news stories, hot new music, and events at Mercer Island High School. Alli is also beginning her second year as Program Director for 88.9 the bridge. When not on-air, Alli can be found playing basketball, spending time with friends, and listening to music.

Andrew Howison – Production Manager is a Freshman who just started being a member at KMIH. He loves to help make and edit pieces for the radio, and work with the website to update it and improve it. He also is starting to use Podcasts to help expand 889. He has a love for tech and loves to learn and use it in his daily life. He enjoys learning everything and anything about radio. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and walk his dog, Taz.

Olivia Wen – Public Affairs Director has been an active staff member of The Bridge for three years. She is the co-host of the Olivia Show airing every Monday night from 6 – 8. On her show, she often discusses history, criminology, psychology, current events, and pop culture. Outside of the station, she is passionate about social justice, documentaries, free time, and horror movies.

Julia Brondello- Promotions Director is 15 years old and in her sophomore year of high school. It is her second year of taking the Radio Broadcasting class and this year she is the promotions director for KMIH. In this position, she will help out in many school and community-wide projects that 88.9 The Bridge takes on! She is a dedicated student and dancer, as well as a member of the MIHS cheer squad which keeps her busy though also forces her to always stay organized and on-task! This year she will be co-hosting a talk show with Audrey Sadlier called Night Owls, airing every Monday night from 9-10pm. Julia looks forward to this year and is excited for the many new opportunities and challenges that may arise.

Gabe Gottesman – Sports Director is a Sophomore at Mercer Island High School. You can catch him on the GPS Show with Gabe and Scott every Monday from 12-1 PM and Friday from 4-6 PM. They love to talk about the hottest topics in sports, and especially give their predictions on all the games in the NFL. Gabe is also on the High School Football, Basketball, and Baseball broadcasts for KMIH. In his spare time, Gabe enjoys playing sports, spending time with his family and friends, and watching sports.

Jared Marcus – Sports Director is the Sports Director and Spring Sports Coordinator for KMIH and has a huge passion for radio and broadcasting. He is live on the station every Tuesday Morning from 8-9:30 titled The Hot Corner where he talks a lot of Baseball and any other sport that is in the news. He really enjoys all the time he spends on the radio and inspires to be like past KMIH sports director Max Tanzer.

Anna Swartz – Music Director is a junior at MIHS who is exciting to be joining the crew at 889 The Bridge. She loves watching and discussing films and enjoys music from all eras, especially the 90s and 50s. She hopes to bring a new voice to an already well-loved radio station!

Audrey Sadlier – Social Media Director is a Sophomore in high school and this is her second year of radio. She is a co-host of the talk show Night Owls with Julia Brondello which airs on Mondays from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Audrey is the social media director for the radio station also and posts updates regularly on Instagram.

Sophie Prock is a Freshman at MIHS, and in the Intro to Broadcasting class for KMIH. She plays volleyball at the high school, and outside of school as well. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family, taking care of her dog, and listening to 889.

Sophia Sandwith is a senior in high school this and this is her 3rd year in Radio Broadcasting. She has a show Monday and Friday nights called the “Socks Show” with Zachary Mason 8-9pm so make sure to tune into that! Outside of the radio she enjoys hanging out with friends and family as well as playing tennis.

Shay Adleberg is 14 years old and in 9th Grade. He has just joined KMIH. He plays basketball and water polo. In his spare time, he watches the NBA and NFL

Carver Harrison is a Junior at Mercer Island High School. He hosts a radio show about technology every Sunday at noon. He also has a website at where he uploads previous episodes of his show as well as host the popular LiteTube.

Jonathan Aggar is a first-year radio student who is in 9th grade and 14 years old, And co-hosts Movies with Marko on Friday at 12:30 and hopes to create and be in a tech show that talks about new and evolving tech. He loves animals, biking, and video games.

Maddie Thompson is from Seattle and is a freshman at Mercer Island High School. Outside of school, she likes to hang out with friends and plays MIHS Girls Soccer.

Eliot Geer is a freshman at Mercer Island High School, and this is his first year taking Radio Broadcasting and Technology. Eliot enjoys participating in the MIHS band, mountain biking, and playing games.

Joe Gormley is a senior at MIHS, and he is involved with the best buddies and unified athletics programs at MIHS. This is his first year in radio but fear not, you can catch him on-air every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 on the show Lobster number 15 with Zach and Joe on 88.9 the bridge!

Beck Harrison is 14 and a freshman. He is the younger brother of Carver Harrison who is also on KMIH. He paints miniatures all day, every day.

Creed Finifrock has been in the radio program for two years so far, and I have two sports shows that I help with. I run the board for football games and I sometimes commentate. I love sports and my favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings.

Bailey Fotheringill is a senior at MIHS, going into my second year of radio. I have a show with Maya Groh, on Thursday’s starting at 10:00pm. I love listening to music, I mostly listen to EDM or trap.

Will Pellerin is a sophomore. I play tier two hockey in the states and this is my second year of radio at MIHS. You can find me at 3 on Friday or noon on Saturday, talking about sports like football or hockey on both of my shows.

Noah Chen is a 16 year sophomore at Mercer Island Highschool. He enjoys playing with cards and hanging out with his friends.

Nick Harper is a 16-year-old sophomore at Mercer Island High School. Some of his hobbies are playing sports such as lacrosse and swimming.

Max Medin is a junior at Mercer Island High School and plays soccer for the Schools soccer team. In his free time, he plays year-round soccer and loves to hang out with his friends. He’s excited to be on the air for his first year of the class!

JP Kierstead is a junior who joined KMIH because his friends talked highly of it. JP plays ultimate frisbee, video games, and likes to listen to music in his free time. He also plays trumpet in the Mercer Island Marching Band.

Morgan Dawson is a sophomore and is a member of the Intro to Radio class. She loves to listen to pop and rap music and is interested in news radio as well. She is a member of the MIHS drill team, and enjoys dance, as well as spending time with friends outside of school.

Jamie Feinstein is a 14-year-old Freshman at Mercer Island High School. He is part of the radio crew at KMIH’s station. He is in the MIHS Marching band, and likes to swim, dance, and participate in Boy Scouts.

Matthew Pangallo is a freshman at MIHS. He joined radio because he was looking at a list of electives on Schoology and radio got his attention. He likes to golf, play basketball, play guitar, and listens to hip hop and classic rock.

Sareen Mokha is a 15-year-old sophomore who joined the program this year. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends.

Daniel Chivo is a sophomore at Mercer Island Highschool. You can find him hanging out with his friends on the weekends. During the winter he likes to go snowboarding at Crystal Mountain and in the summer he likes to participate in all kinds of water sports on Lake Washington.

Eyal Danielli is a 14-year-old Freshman who is new to radio. he does not have a show yet, but have recorded and aired some voice clips on KMIH already, and am a member of HSNR. I am not a music fan and almost never listen to the radio, but on the rare occasions that I listen to music, my favorite song is Paradise City by Guns N Roses.

Quinn Haba is a 14-year-old freshman who likes to bike, watch movies, and is a connoisseur of memes. This is his first year in radio broadcasting but intends to be running the station in a few years.

Colson Rimmer is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. He does cross country and track. He is new to radio and is eager to learn more about it. He hopes to begin broadcasting soon.

Mason Chorak is a freshman at Mercer island high school and loves to play sports.

Brandon Nguyen is a sophomore and loves to play video games and hang out with friends whenever I have a chance I like to go hiking with my family and I enjoy talking so I chose this class to talk freely on the radio.

Brandon Chew is 15 years old and is in a family of 6. I’m a triplet of two sisters, Madison and Sophia. I grew up on Mercer Island Washington and like playing tennis and hanging out with my friends.

Ajay Manhas is a Freshman and enjoys playing and watching sports. I also enjoy some school subjects such as Spanish and science, I have 3 siblings and 1 twin. I have grown up on Mercer Island since I was 3. I’m the Mercer island boys tennis varsity team which is super fun.

Tommy Burke is a Mercer Island native that loves sports and sports news. He doesn’t have an older sibling in the program but looks forward to broadcasting this year.

James Pearse is a sophomore at Mercer Island High school and this is my first year doing radio. I play basketball and golf and I’ve been playing both of these sports for ten years. I have an older sister who is attending The University of Arizona and a little brother who is in 7th grade.

Cooper Gersch is a sophomore and it’s the first year of Radio class. He plays soccer and basketball and I’ve been playing these two sports for around 11 years. He has three siblings and three dogs.

Noah Perlman is a freshman and he would like to be an announcer when he grows up for sports preferably the play by play announcer for NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Lauren Monahan is a Freshman at MIHS. Lauren plays soccer for the high school and soon to be basketball. She has a sister named Caitlin and a brother named Colin and lives with both of her parents John and Carla. This summer she traveled to Europe for 3 weeks with her cousins.

Lore Umbehocker is a junior, she is 16 right now but ill be 17 this October. she’s a staff member but doesn’t have a show yet. She is definitely a hipster but will rock it!!

Scott Pirak is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. As a basketball and soccer player, he loves playing and watching all sports, but especially football and the Seattle Seahawks. Scott and his friend Gabe, co-host the GPS sports show on Mondays from 12-1 PM and Fridays from 4-6 PM. You can also find them doing play by play and color commentary for high school sports.

Ian Phan is a 16 and a junior at MIHS. He is a apart of Triple Threat Tuesdays, and Anything and Everything. He also frequently does sports reports and will occasionally jump on live.

Madison Dusseau is a junior at Mercer Island High School and in her first year of radio broadcasting. She’s a guitarist in the MIHS Jazz Band and has been playing guitar for seven years. She loves video games, learning about music theory and production, and baking everything from hearty loaves of pretzel bread to gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Megan Connoley is in her second year here at the station, and loves every moment! Along with radio, she’s a member of the marching band and loves literature. Tune in Sunday nights at 8 for her show The Book Club.

Austin Cupic Is a freshman at Mercer island high school. He loves to play baseball as a pitcher and watches a lot of other sports including basketball and football. He is 15 and loves to be involved in any radio-related things. He loves all types of music and all variety of shows. He hopes to play on the Mercer Island baseball team.

Alex Henderson is 14 years old and is an intro student who is loving this class so far. His involvement in KMIH isn’t that big yet but did help broadcast a quarter of the Mercer island football game. He doesn’t currently have a show but one is coming. I am stoked to be in this class and make sure to tune into 889 The Bridge.

Mason Meinzinger is a 15-year-old Varsity Rower on Mount Baker Crew. Snowboarding in the winter is my paradise. I and friends host two shows, Tuesday’s from 9-10pm and Thursdays from 8-9pm. You can listen to us tell you about music, political and school news. Stay tuned to 88.9 The Bridge!

Elliot Richardson is a junior at Mercer island high school he has started his second year at KMIH but he has kept his show news about not the news which is from 10 to 11 Friday nights. Elliot spent 14 years of his life living in England but he has now spent two years on MI.

John Werdel is a freshman at the MIHS. This is his first year in radio broadcasting. You can find him lounging around and playing video games in his spare time.

Theodore Freeman is a Freshman at Mercer Island High School. He spends most of his life online and playing video games, though he does spend time doing other activities. He has lots of random facts that he just knows from the top of his head, as he has way too much free time to spend.

Julia Millard is a sophomore at Mercer island high school and it is her second year of radio. She enjoys playing sports and the arts. She has a show with Mack on Tuesdays from 6-7 and Thursdays from 3-4.

Ben Connoley is a senior this year and is starting in the intro to radio class. After hearing nothing but great things about the school’s radio from his sister and friends he signed up for the class. In his spare time, he plays basketball and is a martial artist.

Will Thomas is the Co-host of the MCW show, he likes quality time with the boys.

Max Hughes is a freshman who loves to ski and play lacrosse, he is looking forward to this class and curious to see where it will take him!

Ben Do is a freshman and his favorite sport is football. He plays the piano and has been playing for about four years now.

Lucas Sweeney is a freshmen, he enjoys a lot of things on radio, but by far comedy in radio is my favorite. I was thinking about having a, and being able to answer some questions about being an identical twin, as well as do the usual stuff.

Luke Reid is a sophomore and this is his second year as a broadcaster for KMIH 889 The Bridge. It’s also his second year of doing a show with his cohost Elliot Richardson, it’s on every Friday from 10 to 11 pm.

Joshua is in his senior year of high school. He’s here to develop his passions for music and technology in a constructive way.

Theo R is a sophomore in jazz 3. He likes going onwards with his dog and family. He plays bass, guitar, and drums. He is an immigrant from England where he lived for 13 years before moving in 2017. His music taste is very eclectic, it ranges from 80s pop to death metal.

Anika Hammerstrom is a duel citizen with England and she loves to run. Her favorite animal is a hippopotamus, she has two dogs and two cats that she loves dearly. She works as a soccer coach for six and seven-year-olds.

Adam Parker is a senior at Mercer Island high school. This is his second year in radio class and you can hear him in the mornings on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and Friday’s talking about sports and more on his show “The Nate and Adam Show With Harvey.” This winter Adam will be returning for his third year on varsity for Mercer Island high school boys basketball. Adam is excited about new opportunities in his second year in the program and looks forward to making great sports shows with Nate and Harvey.

Nate Wenzel Back for a second year to continue our show, the Nate and Adam show with Harvey, and continue talking about sports. As a senior it is my last time to be apart of the radio class at Mercer Island High School, so it’s my responsibility to make it the best year of radio. I will continue to talk about sports around the world including, NBA, MLB, NFL, soccer, etc. As a basketball player, I want to continue to talk about Mercer island basketball. With all the great content ahead I hope that I can make this the best year in radio.

Samantha Bannach is 15 years old. She is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and she has a radio show on KMIH 88.9 The Bridge every Wednesday from 7-8 pm.

Eden Voss is a junior. This is my first year in radio, but I have tons of interests and look forward to making a crazy fun show out of them. I love to talk and tell stories so radio is perfect for me. I am excited to take KMIH Mercer Island by storm.

Liam Savage is in football and he likes working with computers. he is currently a sophomore and doesn’t go out of my way to make it look like that he has more friends, he also doesn’t like any music by Cardi B.

Nigel Seda is a senior who grew up in Sammamish but recently moved to Mercer Island. He plays on the school’s varsity basketball team, loves music, and enjoys trying new things.

Carys Ciobanu is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and she’s now an advanced radio student. She can be heard from 12 to 1 pm every Tuesday afternoons with Scott, Gabe, and their special guests. They do fun trivia which you can be apart of if you call into the station during their show. Carys enjoys being on the MIHS cheer team and hanging out with her friends. Her mom was a news anchor and she hopes to either go into the same field with radio or acting or go into fashion.

Frank Daquila is a beginner VFX artist, he works at a pizza place and a trainee manager. he wants to go into film after high school. He is very easy and outgoing and chill unless people really try and be annoying.

Zeke Hoychuk is Senior at Mercer Island High School and this is his first year on 889 the bridge. He has a passion for all kinds of technology and running, and is looking forward to a great year.

Jack Beebe is excited about being on the radio!

 Jackson Barker is a freshman at MIHS and is excited to bring shows with sports and hip hop culture into KMIH Mercer Island 889 The Bridge. Tune in to hang with me and talk about the latest in Street culture and Sports.

Simon Hermelee is a Junior at Mercer Island High school and has been in radio for 2 years. He enjoys being outdoors, eating ice cream, playing soccer, and talking about fantasy football. You can hear him talk about fantasy football with David Wolf every Wednesday at 8am on their show Fantasy Island!

Marko Marceta is a sophomore at KMIH. This is his second year doing radio and he is more excited than ever to be back on air. Marko has a show named Movies with Marko where he talks about Movies and TV Shows every Friday at 12:30

Colson Lee is a sophomore in the MIHS advanced radio class. He previously has lived in Washington DC in friendship heights. He enjoys playing soccer and attending the Mercer Island Friday night football games. He has a show on Tuesday nights at 9 and Thursday nights at 8 with his friends Mason and Will.

Bella Sandwith is a nice and hardworking individual. She enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing basketball.

Ellie  Oordt is a 15-year girl, who enjoys watching football and hanging out with friends. Ellie loves to talk especially on the radio. Ellie is super friendly funny and nice and has the biggest celebrity crush on Justin Bieber. Go listen to Ellie, Bella, and Lauren on 889 the bridge on Wednesday at 9PM.

Fenway Rowland is a sophomore at Mercer Island high school. He was named after the baseball stadium Fenway Park along with his triplet siblings Camden (named after Camden Yards) and Brooklyn (named after Brooklyn Dodgers), he also has a 19-year-old sister named Jazzlyn He played football for 7 years, baseball for 9 and currently plays trumpet in the Mercer Island High School Marching Band. You can listen to him every Monday from 9-10 pm on his show The Rutabagas

Azad Khan was born in Los Angeles and is currently a freshman at Mercer island high school outside of school he loves going outside and watching sports. He runs track and field. Go Cowboys!!!

Will Watson is 14 and is a freshman. he loves to play sports, ski, and travel with my family. he is excited to talk about sports on 889 the bridge.

Olivia Thompson is a junior here at Mercer Island High School. She is one of the co-hosts of The Olivia Show, which she does with Olivia Wen. The Olivia Show focuses on the world through the eyes of two teenage girls and discusses topics such as politics, boys, and high school drama. It ranked in the top five comedy shows in the nation last year.

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