Joe Bryant –  General Manager Joe is the Broadcast Media Instructor at Mercer Island High the General Manager of KMIH- 889 The Bridge. Joe worked at KISW, KZOK, and KJR  co-hosting the popular Bob Rivers Show, which aired in Seattle for 25 years.

Jon Kasprick – Chief Engineer Building the Bridge is an ongoing project and the person in charge of planning improvements and keeping us on the air is Jon. He is also the Chief Engineer at KGRG and an Instructor at Green River College.

Warren Van Patten – Resident DJ Warren, aka DJ D’Lemma is the Bridge Mixes Programmer and a Mercer Island High School grad. To be considered for a Mix DJ slot on The Bridge he is the guy to talk to!

Ellie Gelsey was born in Portland, OR and is currently a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. She has a black belt in karate and is a goalie for Newport FC, both sports she has done for over a decade. She loves music, TV, film, cooking, and baking, and has two cats. Make sure to tune into 88.9 at 4pm on Tuesdays to hear her show with Sienna Vetto!

‘Mariner’ Max Tanzer is the Sports Director at KMIH and has been in the program for 4 years now. He has run the ‘Mariner Max Show’ (Fridays 4-6 PM) since 2015. His other shows include: ‘The Hot Corner’ (Tuesdays 8-9:30 AM) with Jarred Marcus & ‘The Jersey Shop’ (Wednesdays 4-5 PM) with Bohn Crain. Max has also been broadcasting Mercer Island High School’s Football & Basketball games since 2017.

In 2018, Max won 3 Washington State awards for the ‘Best Sports Play-By-Play’ with Garret Poore and Anthony Reyes, ‘Best Sports Talk’ with Truman Keith, and ‘Best Show Promo’. In 2017, Max won an IBS Golden Microphone for the ‘Best Sports Interview’ and was a finalist for the ‘Best Sports Talk’ award. In 2018, he was an IBS finalist for ‘Best Sports Play-By-Play’ and won for ‘Best Sports Interview’.

Max Vacca is on the varsity water polo team and swim team. In his spare time, he walks my dogs, does his homework, and plays spikeball. You can hear him from 10-11 am on Thursdays on his show. Go Islanders!

Jack Dedonato is a student and MIHS and his hobbies include Baseball, Golf, and the radio. Also, he has a show called The Morning After every Monday from 7:30 AM to 8:50 AM where they will be covering every sports topic that went on over the weekend and those that are upcoming in sports. Also, they will be trying to get on Fridays also from 8:00 AM to 8:50 AM, so make sure to tune in every morning on KMIH 88.9 the Bridge.

Blake Burton is a student at MIHS, but his radio personality is DJ Blake. He is a senior at Mercer Island High School. This is his first year being in Radio, and he is really enjoying being part of the radio team! He currently has two radio shows with his partner Tynan. They have a show at 9 a.m on Tuesdays mornings called “HipHop News and Sneaker Talk”. They always start off our show by saying “This is DJ Blake and Tynan keeping you up to date with all the hottest hip-hop news and sneaker talk”. Their second show is at 10 p.m on Saturday nights. The second show revolves around playing great new rap music that hasn’t been on the radio, and they also throw in a few hip-hop throwbacks. Their goal is to help provide listeners with an expansion of new hip-hop music on the radio that they may otherwise not hear. He hopes to make both radio shows a big hit, and that can’t be done without loyal radio fans like you! So tune in to hear DJ Blake and Tynan!

Ani Chudzik is a junior at Mercer Island High School. She plays on the school’s varsity softball team, is in the band, and enjoys writing and producing music. You can hear her Tuesdays at 10am to 11.

Tynan Drayton is a senior at Mercer Island High School. He was born in Baltimore and moved to Seattle in 6th grade where he came to the Island and met most of my friends. He plays football and lacrosse for the varsity teams, as well as recreational basketball during the winter. He loves to coach kids and is a 3rd-grade girls basketball coach, as well as a 3rd / 4th-grade boys lacrosse coach. He has two younger siblings, one of which goes to the high school with me. Here at the high school, he takes Radio Broadcasting that allows him to go live on the radio. He has two shows one of which is a hip-hop show with his partner DJ Blake. They discuss the newest hip-hop music as well as the new hip hop news and drama.

Gabe Gottesman is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and runs the GPS show which airs two days a week on KMIH. Gabe and Scott talk about sports, but most specifically football. Gabe also broadcasts the MIHS football and basketball games. Gabe plays tennis, watches sports, and spends time with family and friends in his free time.

Clint Maas is a Junior in high school. This is his first year doing radio. He will usually be on the air with Connor Sidney, occasionally at 11 o’clock. He is part of the MIHS band and proud of it.

Jared Marcus is a Sophomore at Mercer Island High school and loves the sport of Baseball. On Tuesdays he has a show with Mariner max titled “The Hot Corner” and they discuss all of the latest Baseball drama and news. He is super excited to be a part of Radio this year and can’t wait to develop as a radio voice and hopes to be a part of the station for a long time.

Adam Parker is in his junior year at Mercer Island high school. This is his first year in radio class and you can hear him in the mornings on Monday’s and Thursday’s talking about sports on his show The Nate and Adam Show. This winter Adam will be returning for his third year on varsity for Mercer Island high school boys basketball. Adam is excited to learn a lot more about the radio world and looks forward to making more morning shows with Nate Wenzel.

Scott Pirak is a freshman at Mercer Island High School. As a basketball and soccer player, he loves playing and watching all sports, but especially football and the Seattle Seahawks. Scott and his friend Gabe co-host the GPS sports show on Mondays and Fridays from 9-10:00am. You can also find them doing play by play for high school sports.

Connor Sidney is a sophomore and a big gamer. He will often be talking about funny moments in history or about random banter with Clint mass from 11AM – 12PM. He also is a child at heart, often making puns and having a big sweet tooth.

Siena Vetto is a Junior at Mercer Island High School and this is her first year on the Radio. She enjoys music, photography, and math. Make sure to catch her on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 with Ellie.

Liinu Virtanen is a junior exchange student from Finland. She’s excited about new experiences in the US and one of them is being at the High School’s radio station KMIH – 889 The Bridge. In her free time, she enjoys music: playing piano, singing and running. You can hear her with Ani on Tuesday mornings at 10.

Alyssa Watson is a Senior at MIHS this year. She enjoys going to all types of sporting events and hanging out with friends. This is her first time taking the radio class and she is excited to learn the ropes and have a great time. She has a radio show with Raymond Baez López every Thursday at 11 am for school sports and events. She plays Badminton for the school in the spring avid baseball supporter.

Nate Wenzel is a junior at MIHS and this is his first year being apart of 889 the bridge. You can hear him Monday’s and Thursday on the Nate and Adam show talking about sports and sometimes important news. Coming up will be Nate’s second year of the Mercer Island Boys varsity basketball team and would love to bring you information about the coming up basketball and baseball teams. He also loves to play sports, listen to music and hang with friends.

Ryan Friedman is a senior at MIHS, and this is his third year in radio. He will appear on the Mariner Max show sometimes and also does Sports Reports that can be heard at least once a week, usually more. Ryan was a finalist at the 2018 IBS awards in NYC in the category Sports Report and also won third place in the state for the same category. In his free time he plays on the varsity football team and also enjoys watching baseball and basketball.

Meghana Kakubal is a junior at Mercer Island High School and the co-host of a new show with Lila Shroff, “Real Time” that airs from 5 to 6 on Tuesday nights. On the show, Meghana and Lila explore community and world news in real time. When not on air, Meghana can be found practicing flute, enjoying marching band, doing homework, or watching the best Marvel movies.

Joe Lemaster is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School and a member of the “Triple Threat”. You can hear our show from 8-9 every Tuesday night. But when he’s not doing radio he is either playing sports like basketball, running track or playing tennis. You can also find him volunteering for several organizations like NLYM and Boy Scouts. He enjoys playing video games and watching sports in his free time as well as hanging out with his two dogs.

Cameron Longwith is a Sophomore and is a co-host of the show Triple Threat, which airs on Tuesdays 8-9 PM. He runs on the cross country and track team and loves to play video games and hang out with friends.

Luka Marceta is a senior at Mercer Island High School, and has been in the radio program for 4 years. In his time at the station, he has accumulated multiple awards for his work in newscasting. He is the News Director of 88.9 the Bridge, and he hosts the Luka Show, which runs every Thursday from 4-6PM. Outside of the radio station, he enjoys tennis, swimming, and volunteering.

William Mulflur is in his third year here at KMIH working as a color commentator for basketball games as well as an on-air personality. Will is most known for his daily sports reports that air hourly in the afternoon. He is also on the “Will and Emily” show that plays from ten to eleven PM every Thursday night. They discuss local hot high school topics and play lots of fun games! Outside of the radio station will is captain of the Mercer Island football and baseball teams. He plans to continue his athletic career in college.

Sophia Sandwith is in her 2nd year of Radio Broadcasting as a Junior. This is her first year in Advanced Radio and she is excited for more radio to come in the future! She has two talk shows, one with Zach and another with Emily. Her show on Monday night, 8-9, features special segments that you won’t want to miss! She also has a show on Tuesday nights called the SE show talking about interesting topics. On Sophia’s free time she loves to play tennis and hang out with friends and family.

Alli Shoop is the Program Director for 88.9 The Bridge. She is also a Junior at Mercer Island High School and enjoys playing sports in her free time with her friends. You can hear her on Mondays from 4 to 6 on her show “On the Road with Alli and Natalie”.

Emily Raissis is a junior and Operations Manager of 88.9 the bridge. You can hear her on Tuesdays 10-11 with Sophia and Thursdays 10-11 with Will.

Lila Shroff has been a passionate storyteller since day but only recently did she get into radio. Over the summer she participated in KUOW’s Radioactive Summer Internship program, where she spent all summer creating podcasts and other radio stories. Now, she is continuing here radio journey here at KMIH, as a Junior at MIHS. She has recently assumed the positions of both the Communications Director and Treasurer. She is so thankful and so excited to be a part of this program. Catch her show, Real Time (with Meghana Kakubal), at 5 PM on Tuesdays where she will be discussing her thoughts on breaking news stories!

Olivia Wen has a show on KMIH airing every Monday 6-8 pm called the Olivia Show. She has been a part of this show since last year. Olivia and her co-host, Olivia Thompson, discuss everything from news, conspiracy theories, and pop culture. Their show emphasizes the viewpoint and lives as two high school girls and they detail their experiences and opinions. Olivia tries to include her listeners with games and casual, personal conversations. The Olivia Show style is informal but friendly and candid. Olivia Wen tries to give her listeners a glimpse into her everyday life and perspectives on the world around us. Apart from her show, Olivia helps out with news, interviews, and occasionally makes appearances on her peers’ shows.

In addition to being an on-air personality, Olivia has a role behind the scenes. She is the Public Affairs Director and submits a report every quarter to the FCC with information on our station’s public involvement and community service. She works closely with Joe and the others to keep track of topics that can be submitted in the file. Olivia’s role helps our shows align with FCC regulations as well as provide organization and structure. Olivia communicates with her peers as much as possible so she can stay updated on every public affair topic and keep records.

Natalie Wilson is the co-operations manager at 889 the Bridge. When not heard on the air at the station, you can find her on the softball field where she plays competitively with my club team! You can listen to her show Monday’s from 4 to 6 with her co-host and good friend Alli. Their show is called ‘On the Road with Alli and Natalie.’ They discuss various topics to what is like being a radio student at the high school to movies and much more! You don’t want to miss it, they’ll catch you on the road with them from 4 to 6 pm every Monday!

Nathan Buchan is in his first year in radio. He plays baseball and football which he enjoys a lot. He has a show on Thursday’s that starts at 6pm. He will mainly be talking about sports and news going on around the world.

Benjamin Holers Gross is a senior at Mercer Island High School. He plays varsity boys football and is a captain. He works on a commercial fishing boat in southeast Alaska during the summers and loves to fly fish. He loves classic rock and is excited whenever it
comes on the radio.

Dylan Lim (whose stage name is UberAsianBurrito) is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. Dylan likes to be behind the scenes and keeps up on all the latest gaming news. Dylan enjoys playing video games and listening to music. Dylan makes videos of his hobbies on YouTube.

Julia Millard is a Freshman at Mercer Island High School. She loves to do radio what Mack and enjoys playing sports and singing. You can hear Julia on the radio with Mack on Tuesdays at 6pm.

Mark Pearson is a junior at Mercer Island High School. He enjoys baseball, going on hikes, and repairing cars with dad. Mark hosts the Sunday Morning Bluegrass and American Roots show at 8 am on Sundays.

Vishnu Raghavan is a senior at Mercer Island High School and this is his first year at radio. He loves marketing, history, geography, and current events. You will frequently hear him on his Tuesday 12:30 show, Vishnu’s World, where he will share stories from around the world and be interviewed about his geographical and historical knowledge. Outside of the social sciences, Vishnu loves hiking, biking, and camping with his Boy Scout troop. He also loves traveling and trying new foods.

Grant Stading is a senior at Mercer Island High School. This is his first year on the radio. He appears on sports interviews and shows. He plays varsity baseball and football for Mercer Island.

Devin Tamblyn is a high school Senior at Mercer Island. A 3-year varsity football player and spent all 4 years of high school playing varsity lacrosse. Around 889 the bridge you will hear him pop up here and there on interviews either being interviewed for sports or interviewing another person. He will pop up here and there on the air with the sports report and covering for other people. His favorite music is classic rock, specifically creative experimental rock like his favorite band Pink Floyd. He loves the outdoors, hiking, skiing, etc. The more you listen the more you will hear him!

William Wheeler is a Junior at Mercer Island High School. He plays varsity lacrosse and football for the Islanders. This is Will’s first year of Radio but tune in to hear him on the air in various interviews and talk shows.

Mohamad Bin Zohor is new to 88.9 the bridge as an intro student but is excited to share his story with the listeners! He will be celebrating his second year in the United States this year as he came from Burma through the United Nations Program. He looks forward to talking about world issues we are facing including the genocide in Burma. He also likes to talk about soccer and the lottery.

Julia Brondello is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and is a part of the Intro to Radio Broadcasting program. You can hear her every Monday night from 9-10pm along with Carys and Vaiva! Outside of school, Julia enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends and family, baking, and eating amazing food! Julia is also part of the MIHS cheer team! Julia is a big fan of the stage and can’t wait to produce exciting new radio!

Carys Ciobanu is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and takes intro to radio. She can be heard from 9 to 10 pm every Monday night with Vaiva and Julia. They talk about being on the MIHS cheer team, school spirit, upcoming trends, and their lives. Carys enjoys being on the MIHS cheer team and hanging out with her friends. Her mom was a news anchor and she hopes one day she can go into the same field with either radio, news or be an actress.

Megan Connoley is in her first year of radio broadcasting, and it’s her favorite class. Megan does plays flute in the school band, and is a member of varsity girls crew at Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center. In her free time, she likes anime, reading, and listening to nightcore.

Creed Finifrock is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and loves radio class, he is a soccer player and spots for the radio station at home football games. Creed grew up in China until the age of ten. Creed loves to be outside, read, play video games, and play sports. Creed’s favorite animal is a fox, favorite soccer team is Manchester City, favorite football team is the Minnesota Vikings.

Tyler Gearheart is a student in the intro to radio class. Tyler enjoys listening to music, English, and hanging out with friends. Tyler has a show on Wednesday’s at 7pm, so be sure to catch it!

Kaden Grocott is a freshman and this is her first year doing radio. She is very excited to be apart of the KMIH Staff! In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and dance. Tune in at 5:00pm every Wednesday to listen to her show with Ivy, it is called “Tea Time”.

Morgan Gwertzman is a freshman radio student who uses they/them pronouns. They’re a trombone player in the high school band, and they like to spend their off time playing video games and hanging out with their two cats. You can hear Morgan’s show at 7 on Wednesdays.

Jackson Hegarty is a freshman and an intro to radio student. The co-host of the academically praised Rutabaga show on Monday’s at 10 pm with Nick Neyhart. Jackson enjoys speaking and annoying people with his mindless banter, playing video games, and writing stories that only 3 people will ever see. He spends a lot of time over-thinking everything he does, including this bio. Eventually, he just does it and goes to bed at the reasonable 2300 hours- 0100 hours.

Mclean Hopkins is a member of the MI radio program, class of 2022. He is also a member of the MI football team and the MI baseball team. You can hear him at noon on Saturdays, with his sports talk show The Water Break, which he co-hosts with Creed Finifrock and Will Pellerin.

Taiko Ibuki is a 9th grader in Mercer Island High School and more importantly apart of 889 the bridge staff. Taiko is currently 14 years old he has a little brother and sister he loves to be on the computer, he plays video games card games and likes spending times with friends. Taiko spends times usually playing games and helping friends and family with there computer issues. Taiko in the future wants to be a computer science major and attend the University of San Diego.

Colson Lee is a member of the MIHS intro radio class. He previously has lived in Washington DC in friendship heights. He enjoys playing soccer and attending the Mercer Island Friday night football games. He has a show on Thursday nights at 8 with his friends Mason and Taiko. So tune in Thursday nights to hear a good time.

Mason Meinzinger is a freshman who is very excited to be part of Mercer Islands amazing Radio Program and hopes to pursue a future career in Radio! He is a part of the Merced Island Highschool Water Polo Program and he enjoys fishing, hiking and mountain biking.

Ivy Micheau is a freshman at Mercer Island High School. This is her first year on 889 The Bridge. She loves new music and hanging out with friends. You can hear her every Wednesday from 5-6 with Kaden.

Nick Neyheart is a 14-year-old freshman. He enjoys listening to music, playing video games, watching YouTube, and Playing lacrosse. He is a member of the MIHS band, and he plays the trumpet. You can watch Nick and the rest of the MIHS band at the Tournament of Roses parade down in Pasadena on January 1st. You can listen to Nick and his co-host Jackson Hegarty on Mondays at 10:00p.m. on 889 The Bridge, on their show, The Rutabaga.

Will Pellerin is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and part of a three-person sports show known as “The Water Break”. He plays Baseball for the MIHS team and also plays hockey for the Seattle team. His favorite TV show is Superior Donuts, and his favorite movie is Super Troopers. You can find him on Fridays between 8-9 P.M.

Lucas Peng is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. In his free time, he enjoys water polo and video games. He likes jazz and rock music and will do anything for good food.

Matthew Plambeck is a new member of the 889 Bridge staff. He’s a freshman and enjoys doing radio. He currently has a show with two other members of KMIH Mercer Island. In his free time, Matthew plays baseballs and mountain bikes. He will be on this year’s freshmen baseball team. His show will run Monday Mornings, and you can expect to hear more of him soon.

Vaiva Raisys is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and is in the intro to radio broadcasting class. She can be heard from nine to ten p.m. every Monday night with Carys Ciobanu and Julia Brondello. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, dancing, and she is a part of the MIHS drill team.

Kyle Ritchie is a 9th grader and is enjoying his role as part of the Bridge staff and is having a great time. His hobbies include going hiking and camping with his Boy Scout troop 624, he is on his way to Eagle rank. Kyle is also a member of the Mercer Island High school Marching Band which will be attending the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade this January 1st. You can listen to him and his co-host Fenway on their show on Thursdays from 7 – 8pm.

Fenway Rowland is a 14-year-old freshman at Mercer Island High School. He enjoys watching and playing baseball and football, playing Xbox, and hanging out with friends. He is a trumpet in the MIHS band and enjoys playing and march with his two sisters Jazz and Brooklyn. He is a triplet with his brother Camden, and his sister Brooklyn. Fenway lives with 7 other people, his parents, his grandparents, and his three siblings plus his 5-pound white dog named Muffin. He is excited for his first year of high school and radio, you and listen to him every Thursday from 7-8pm on KMIH 88.9 The Bridge

Audrey Sadlier is a freshman in high school and this is her first year on 889 the bridge. Audrey also plays basketball and lacrosse at the high school and looks forward to a great year on the radio!

Chase Schubert is a freshman at Mercer Island High School and is in the intro to radio broadcasting class to be aired on 889 the bridge. At first, Chase doesn’t seem to have anything interesting about him. This is somewhat true, but only inside of school. Outside of school, Chase Schubert is a completely different person. He plays tennis weekly, absolutely loves video games, reads, and always snuggles with his cat to relax. Chase hopes to be able to run a show on the student-run station and to enjoy every second of the ride.

Sam Shroff is a 9th-grade student at Mercer Island High School. Sam and a couple of his friends can be heard on Tuesday from 9 to 10 AM. He loves to play soccer, ski, hang out with friends and travel. Make sure to tune in, to listen to his show.

Mouse is new at KMIH, however, she’s been on the radio show Everybody Loves Emily starring Emily Reyes a handful of times in the past. She can be seen around MIHS with her stuffed elephant and wearing a green old man jacket and giant pants. She loves pink, Christmas, the mall and grapes.

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