Find below a list of all our shows here at 88.9 The Bridge! The shows are listed in order of the weekday and time in which they air.

Joe’s Class

Weekdays at 12 PM (noon), Host Joe Bryant

Broadcast Media teacher, Joe Bryant, teaches his class live on the radio during the lunch hour! Joe is joined by students, teachers, parents and even the occasional celebrity! Tune in and check out the only high school class taught live on the radio (that we know of)!

GPS Show

Mondays and Fridays from 9-10 AM, Hosts Scott Pirak (9th) & Gabe Gottesman (9th)

The GPS Show is a sports talk show, as Scott and Gabe will make their picks for all NFL games including one lockpick, one upset pick and a bold prediction in one of the games for the upcoming week. Next, as always, a fan favorite segment of the best thing Gabe and Scott saw. On Fridays, they will be making their picks, and on Mondays, they will be reviewing their picks and all the games from Seattle to London.

C & C

Mondays 11-12 AM, Hosts Clint Maas (11th) & Connor Sidney (10th)

Hosts, Clint and Connor, talk about random (sometimes childish) things. Usually, they talk about things based on the upcoming months and holidays.

The Grant & Ryan Show

Mondays 1-2 PM, Hosts Grant Stading (12th) and Ryan Friedman (12th)

You will hear the latest sports news from over the weekend.

The Olivia Show

Mondays 6-8 PM, Hosts Olivia Wen (11th) & Olivia Thompson (10th)

We host a pet of the week every show and talk about everything from our lives in high school, to pop culture, current events and more!

SSZ Show

Mondays 8-9 PM, Hosts Sophia (11th) & Zach (11th)

The Sophia and Zach Show features interesting conversation, the mind running quizzical question. It’s a fun time, you won’t want to miss it!

The Vaiva, Carys & Julia Show

Mondays 9-10 PM, Hosts Julia Brondello (9th), Vaiva Raisys (9th) & Carys Ciobanu (9th)

On our show, we talk about the latest topics that are going on in the Mercer Island Community, including spirit days, assemblies and sporting events, as well as upcoming holidays and our own thoughts on them.

The Rutabaga

Mondays 10 – 11 PM, Hosts Jackson Hegarty (9th) & Nick Neyhart (9th)

The Rutabaga is about two friends simply talking about unimportant things. News you can’t use.

The Hot Corner

Tuesdays 8-9:30 AM, Hosts Max Tanzer (12), Jarred Marcus (10), Gabe Gottesman (9), Scott Pirak  (9) & Jack Dedonado (10)

When you tune into the Hot Corner, you will hear intense baseball and football talk along with several games and segments created each week that correspond with the current news in sports. ‘Gabe Knows Nothing About Baseball’, ‘A Moment in Time’, ‘Jack’s Jeopardy’, are some of the most notable segments. Tune into the show to hear the rest!

Ani and Liinu in the Morning

Tuesdays 10-11 AM, Hosts Ani Chudzik (11th) & Liinu (11th)

Ani and Liinu discuss everything from politics to new music. Tune in Tuesday mornings from 10-11!

Vishnu’s World

Tuesdays at 12:30 PM, Hosts Vishnu Raghavan (12th) & Luka Marceta (12th)

Vishnu’s World is a highly informative segment about three little-known stories from around the world, as well as their impacts both at home and internationally. Tune in to hear news and analysis that you will never hear anywhere else.

It’s Almost 5 O’Clock

Tuesdays 4-5 PM, Hosts Sienna Vetto (11th) & Ellie Gelsey (10th)

This show is like a TJ Maxx discount section- lots of variety & value.

Real Time

Tuesdays 5-6 PM, Hosts Lila Shroff (11th) & Meghana Kakubal (11th)

Real Time is a current affairs show hosted by MIHS juniors Meghana Kakubal and Lila Shroff in which they discuss and analyze current headlines in “real time!” Tune in to learn about everything from the Stock Market to Mars and why they are important in our current world!

Mack & Julia: Student Spotlight

Tuesdays 6-7 PM, Hosts Mack H. (9th) & Julia Millard (9th)

Hosts Julia and Mack interview seniors, talk about things going on in their lives, such as the sports they play, and what they are planning on doing over the weekend.

Triple Threat Tuesday

Tuesday 8-9PM, Hosts Joe LeMaster (10th), Ian Phan (10th) & Cam Longwith (10th)

Triple Threat Tuesdays is a show with three spontaneous Sophomores who like to talk about topics that surround the life of a high school boy, such as sports and video games. Sometimes you can ever hear a solid rant or debate by one of us! We discuss a wide variety of things spanning from sports to current controversial topics.

SE Show

Tuesdays 10-11 PM, Hosts Sophia Sandwith (11th) & Emily Raissis (11th)

The SE show features talk of current event updates, as well as entertaining and relatable conversation that you do not want to miss out on!

The Jersey Shop

Wednesdays 4-5 PM, Hosts Max Tanzer (12) & Bohn Crain Jr. (12)

Hosted by seniors Max Tanzer and Bohn Crain, the Jersey Shop covers all of the brands – baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. You can tune in to hear the latest news along with rankings of the greatest moments in all of the sports.

Tea Time

Wednesdays 5-6PM, Hosts Kaden (9th) & Ivy (9th)

We talk about current things that are going on that interest us. We joke around with each other and like to talk about all the what’s on our mind.


Wednesdays 6-7 PM, Hosts Emily Reyes (12th) & Samantha Bannach (9th)

Family members talking.

Triple Trivia Time

Wednesdays 9-10 PM, Hosts Audrey Sadlier (9th), Sam Shroff (9th) & Matthew Plambeck (9th)

Tune in to our show Triple Trivia Time on Wednesdays at 9PM to listen to the questions and answers that will quench your thirst for learning.

The Nate and Adam Show

Thursdays 9-10 AM, Hosts Nate Wenzel (11th) & Adam Parker (11th)

Tune in Thursdays from 9-10 to listen to the Nate and Adam Show, where we talk about sports and trivia for the entire hour.

The Raymond & Alyssa Show

11AM-12 PM Thursdays, Hosts Raymond Baez-Lopez (12th) & Alyssa Watson (12th)

School sports & events.

The Luka Show

Thursdays 4-6 PM, Host Luka Marceta (12th)

The Luka Show is a weekly show in which Luka talks about music, funny and topical news stories and random facts!

The Uber Hour

Thursdays 6-7PM, Hosts Dylan Lim, Dylan Marshall & Nathan Buchan

We keep you updated on sports and video games that are getting more popular and relevant.

Band Camp

Thursdays 7-8 PM, Hosts Fenway Rowland (9th) & Kyle Smiles (9th)

Do you like the marching band and amazing performances and parades they put on? Then, “Band Camp” is the show for you! With Fenway and Kyle giving you a behind the scenes look at the MIHS Marching Band.

Trendy Tracks

Thursdays 8-9PM, Hosts Mason (9th), Colson (9th) & Taiko (9th)

We go over all news in music and keep you up to date with all the trendy stories that the music industry can offer.

Anything and Everything

Thursdays 9-10 PM, Hosts Max (10th), Blake (12) & Tynan (12th)

High School boys having fun and being funny- talking about a wide variety of things!

The Will and Emily Show

Thursdays 10-11 PM, Hosts Will Mulfur (12th) & Emily Raissis (11th)

Tune in for weekly MIHS sports updates as well as our opinions and discussions on activities and events on Mercer Island! The only shoe with a star athlete and his boss.

11 O’Clock Rock Talk

Fridays at 11 AM, Hosts Will Thomas (9th) & Jake Barrett (12th)

Hosts Will and Jack talk about rock, as well as upcoming rock concerts and tours. To keep their brains sharp, they occasionally ask each other questions that make them think.

Movies with Marko

Fridays at 12:30 PM, Hosts Marko Marceta (9th) & Luka Marceta (12th)

Movies with Marko is a show about the host (Marko) talking about movies, what they are about, trailers that have been revealed, if movies are worth seeing, ratings and any news about movies that will be revealed shortly.

The After Lunch Special

Fridays 1-2 PM, Hosts Will Wheeler (11th) and Ben Holers Gross (12th)

The After Lunch Special covers sports, current events and interesting things happening in the community. We love engaging with our fans, so make sure to reach out and let us know about any interesting topics you want us to cover!

The Mariner Max Show

Fridays 4-6 PM, Host Max Tanzer (12)

The Mariner Max Show is hosted by senior Max Tanzer and you can hear it every Friday whether it’s the offseason, Spring Training, or the regular season. When tuned in, you will hear all of the latest Mariners and MLB news. This show has been running for four years now and is the best place for baseball news, opinions, highlights, and much more.

The Lucas Show

Fridays 6-7 PM, Host Lucas Peng (10th)

Tune in to the Lucas Show, 6-7 PM on Fridays. There will be fun, randomness and just general awesomeness. No script required!

News About Not the News

Fridays 10-11 PM, Hosts Elliot Richardson (10th) & Luke Reid (9th)

Luke and Elliot will help you in getting through whatever work shift or late homework you might be going through.

Sivan on the 7th Day of the Week at 7 AM

Saturdays 7 AM, Sivan (12th)

A show about playing music as well as history and school appropriate philosophy, approved by Mr. Bryant of course.

Dan in the Morning

Saturdays 8AM – 10AM, Host Dan (12th)

On his show, Dan plays popular music along with the addition of some old classics like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison & U2. Tune in on Saturday mornings from 8 AM – 10AM to hear some of the classics- the music that matters to Dan.

Science and Politics, News and Discussion

Saturdays 11AM -12PM, Host Dylan Chester (9th)

News in science (primarily space) and politics.

The Mohamad Show

Saturdays 10-11 AM, Host Mohamad (11th)

When you tune in to the Mohamad Show you will hear Mohamad’s song of the week, as well as his new guests. Every Saturday from 10-11 AM!

The Water Break

Saturdays 12-1PM, Hosts Will Pellerin (9th), Creed Finifrock (9th), & McLean Hopkins (9th)

Tune in to The Water Break for interesting sports talk. Listen to hockey, football, soccer and more on Saturdays at noon (and sometimes midnight as well!)

Hip Hop News & Sneaker Talk

Saturdays at 8 PM, Hosts Tynan Drayton (12th), Blake Burton (12th) & Max Vaaca (10th)

This show keeps the public up to date regarding all the newest hip-hop and sneaker news. The audience will be informed on all news hip-hop, as well as the release dates and reviews of shoes.

Sunday Morning Bluegrass and American Roots Show

Sundays at 8AM, Host Mark Pearson (11th)

The Bluegrass and American Roots show is all about getting back to the musical history of American folk music. Spanning several decades and different genres such as country and bluegrass, the show hopes to spread this musical culture to the Pacific Northwest!

Book Club

Sundays 8PM, Hosts Megan Connoley (10th) & Chase Schubert (9th)

This show focuses on the stories that the hosts enjoy and find exciting to talk about!

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